Who Are we?

We are Destress Effect from East Haven High School; a group of freshmen students working towards relieving stress in teens and adults. Our goal is to improve people’s quality of life. We are designing an app and creating a gum to help the users achieve this goal. Our gum has been designed to release flavors that instantly benefit the users stress levels. Similarly, our app has been developed to tackle all aspects of stress. By implementing features like food suggestions, workout generators, coloring pages and organization tools, the app progressively helps alleviate stress in a user’s life. We are working to test all facets of our app and gum in order to collect the needed data that proves our solution is a viable.

To Join the Destress Effect Remind 101

Text: @Destresse to  the number 81010

to get tips and facts about stress, how to reduce it and what we as a team are going to work on accomplishing.

Alec- “My hobbies are building and sports. Also, I like to be creative. I am very hands-on, I like to build because it relaxes me. I am very interested in learning how to be a better writer and thinker in this class. I have learned future skills in my Digital Skills 21 class such as learning to send a professional and well-formulated email. I think it is good we have two different ideas and, are combining them which helped make our solution even bigger, better, and more effective. I can't wait to see if stress can be stopped with the olfactory senses.”

Andrew- “I like to build and ride bikes. As someone who likes to build and see things be made I can't wait to see the final product of our project since we had some difficulty coming up with an idea.

Taylor-“ I highly enjoy basketball, volleyball, and photography. I am in the Web Design and Graphics department for our project. Coming up with our idea wasn't hard, but we did have some difficulty. We combined many ideas together to create a great product that I hope will be successful.”

Byron- "I am in the Olfactory Research team for our project. I am so excited to see how we do at Expo. I like to play Xbox and hang out with my friends. I hope we go far with our experiment that we worked very hard on.

Sienna- "My favorite hobbies are dancing and cheerleading. For this project, I am working with the Web Graphics and Design Department. I am very excited to see the final product of this because we're all putting a lot of work into trying to complete this efficiently." 

Anthony- "My favorite thing to do is to play sports of all kind. I am working on the Stress Relief Team. I want to see how the app comes out because we worked hard on this project, so I want to see the final product."

Juliana-"I have a lot of interest in this class. I have learned a lot of things that can be helpful in everyday life and in Expo. I love hanging out with my friends, playing hockey, and listening to music. I am interested to see how far this project will take us in Expo and I am looking forward to testing our experiment."

Erin-“My hobby is playing basketball. I am interested in doing research to create products that solve issues, and I can’t wait to see how the app comes out. It was difficult to come up with a tangible solution that hasn't been created yet, but in this Digital Skills 21 class, I have learned how to use technology and how to organize my priorities. I have also learned how to think outside the box.”

Anthony-"My hobbies consist of playing soccer and basketball. Our closer look idea was hard to choose because we had many different ideas. I am excited to see the outcome of our hard work."

Sam-"Some things I enjoy doing are playing softball and running track. For our experiment, I am on the Stress Relief Team. Something I'm looking forward to in this class is finishing the app and going to Expo."

Victoria- "I highly enjoy dancing. I am on the Social Media Team for this project. I can't wait to see our final product because we have been working so hard.

Aleyna- "My hobbies are karate and soccer. Our closer look idea was hard to come up with because we couldn't agree on an idea."

Jamie- "I appreciate how this class has taught me to be in charge of my ideas. I have learned how to cite work and schedule things effectively. Hobbies that I enjoy are listening to music, drawing, and writing."

Jessie- "My hobbies are playing soccer. I enjoy working on the computer and writing emails. My favorite part of the project was coming up with the solution and working in the science lab." 

Karli- "I enjoy drawing and being with my friends. I am on the Web Design and Graphics team. I am looking forward to going to the Expo event and pitching our idea."

Destress Effect




Destress Effect Headquarters

35 Wheelbarrow Lane

East Haven, CT 06513

Tel: (203) 468-3267


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